“If you have a dream to create something, just make a start”

Well, it’s now some weeks since I wrote the last post – and “In Between Days” has been and gone! I was far too busy rehearsing and co-ordinating everything & everyone to do with the production, to make time to write here.

Despite being very hard work, and a very draining and stressful experience, it turned out to be the most rewarding thing I have done in a long time.  I went from being a consumer, someone who sat around watching a lot of productions on TV & in film, to being someone who created something new, from scratch. Especially since I hadn’t performed in public for 15 years, just that aspect alone was scary enough.  But to write and produce something that would reflect on me, having done nothing of the kind before, was doubly so.

I would not have had the courage to do so without the punk ethos of the Sydney Fringe Festival. By punk, I mean that attitiude of: “don’t worry if you’re any good; just get in there and do it!” Freed from the tyranny of perfection, I was able to start something that others joined, and collectively a project was born. As the thing was workshopped, rewritten and refined, it went from being a lump of coal to become, if not a rough diamond, at least a more finely polished lump of coal!

There’s so much more I could write about the creative process, and this is just an overview, but I will write more in future posts. Suffice to say, my message is: “if you have a dream to create something, just make a start”. Like me, you will learn much along the way, and learn how much more you NEED to learn! For me, it is in the area of writing, as well as honing my acting and singing skills.

I collated some of the comments I received from people who saw the show, which I list below.

The show was great! I laughed myself silly and only just managed to restrain myself from bursting into song to accompany the cast!!! We had a great time, really enjoyed it.

Superb writing, acting and flawless music. Encore! (a sequel perhaps?)

Well done and thanks for a great evening’s entertainment!

I LOVED In Between Days!! I particularly enjoyed the musical numbers and any scene with the Johnno character. His song gave me chills!

I thought the whole thing was hilarious but it also make me think.

This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of work.

Very funny show, I truly enjoyed.

In Between Days was a great little show. Everyone involved really did amazing work. Good on you for walking the walk and actually creating some great theatre.

Really enjoyed the Ouija Board number from Jess.

And one from a reviewer, Suzy Goess See:

The women’s singing is the absolute highlight of the show. Their voices are pleasant and occasional harmonies are always tight and beautiful….the arrangements are perfect for the small venue. Song choices are appropriate for the story, and all tend to be very melodic, which ensures immediate appeal.

Stand-out performance of the production belongs to Josh Shipton. His character Johnno delivers the laughs, and endears himself quickly to the audience. Shipton is able to turn his moments into brief instances of magic.

You can imagine how fulfilling it is to get feedback like that, in addition to the compliments I received in person! So the company “Trashtastic Productions” may well be back in business soon – after a bit of a rest!

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