The Hunger Games effect

I call it the Hunger Games effect.

The fact is, those wondrous examples of fashion in the post-apocalyptic world – the shredded distressed jumpers, the matt leather worn-in looking leggings, the hooded draped tunics and cowl necked dresses, the drapey woollen winter coats, the rubberised fabric, the armour-looking accessories – that featured in films we love and were only available at exorbitant prices from couture designers, are now available to us.

In a trickle-down effect, what was once a niche fashion subtrend has now hit the mainstream – and how!

So last year we had the Trish Summerville “Capitol Couture” collection, where the entire line of clothing and accessories was inspired by the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. Inspiring the film certainly was, with fashion from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Korean menswear designer Juun J, and Indonesian avante garde designer Tex Saverio.

The year before, commencing with the first Hunger games movie, the online fashion magazine Capitol Couture was established (set within the fictional world of Panem), with articles by real-life fashion journalists, designers and celebrities.

Capitol Couture

Now, we’re beginning to see high street and chain store brands produce clothing at more reasonable prices, so we can build up our post-apocalyptic looking wardrobes. Examples?

Distressed jumpers

Tripp NYC Rag Sweater ($68 from Trash and Vaudeville); H&M distressed jumper

Tripp sweaterhmsweater

Drapey cardigans

A few years back it seemed it was only Rick Owens or Alexander Wang who did drapy cardigans & assymetrical draped wrap tops & dresses (at prices beyond us). Now they’re everywhere:

ASOS Cocoon Cardigan $48; Max Studio Jersey Gathered Top $188

ASOS draped cardiMax Studio Jersey topMax Jersey top 2

 Hooded or waterfall coats

Instead of the gorgeous Skingraft Hooded Wool Coat with leather sleeves (at $925!!), or slightly cheaper Royal Hoodie ($590) which can be worn down just with wide lapels

Skingraft hooded wool coatknit hoodie

You could try the ASOS waterfall wide lapel coat with waterfall drape $211
or BB Dakota Henrietta Jacket with wide lapels and faux-leather sleeves ~ $115

Asos wide lapel coatBB Dakota Henrietta


Cyber ribbed clothing

If a structured futurist look is more your thing, how about this fantastic ribbed jacket from Novice (from $49.95 on ebay), or the accompanying faux leather dress (from $79.95)?

Novice jacketNovice dress

Moto leggings

Whereas before, dystopian couture designers like Gelareh & Skingraft designed to-die-for leather leggings at couture prices to match ($650 – yikes!!)

GelarehSkingraft quilted leggings

now you can get cool looking ribbed moto faux-leather leggings from the likes of Forever 21 $28, or coated jersey moto leggings from etsy designer iheartnorwegianwood at $88.

F21 panelled leggingsjersey leggings

Chainmail & armour

There has been a resurgence in chainmail looks too – possibly a Game of Thrones influence? So we have loose weave metallic jumpers & tunics looking like chainmail, and also rubberised tops giving a similar illusion.

From House of Fraser:

The Morgan longline glittery tunic for $86  or the Morgan chain mail style top for $44

Fraser tunic fraser top

And while you COULD get a rad chainmail top from Paco Rabanne – if you had $2800!!!
or a Matthew Williamson chainmail dress for 5,450GBP!!

Paco Rabanne chainmail   MW chainmail dress

You could get a more budget friendly approximation of this look with a Max Studio  coated lace shell top with rubberised trim for $98, or a rubberised lace shell for $198

Max Studio lace shell Max Studio shell

Or you could just let a statement chainmail collar do the talking, like this Mobius Collar from TheKang $220, or the eminently affordable ASOS Chainmail Choker at $25.

The Kang collarAsos collar

Cyber ribbed boots

Zara  has a range of cool ribbed & quilted biker boots, like the ones below.

Untitled design


Miz Mooz has this fantastic Galaxy Platform Boot, $175 from Infinity Shoes or at the NYC store, while has this super Chelsea Quilted Patent Biker Boot for only $56.

Untitled design (1)Of these items, when I was in New York I decided to grab the Tripp distressed jumper, the BB Dakota Henrietta jacket,  the Novice ribbed jacket, the Gelareh and Skingraft leggings, the Max Studio lace shell top and the Miz Mooz boots for myself…what would you buy?

With Mockingjay opening tomorrow, I’m sure a whole new range of feathered and armour-like creations will be hitting the stores soon…maybe even with cool articulated shoulders like this? One can only hope!

Mockingjay armour


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  1. Leah B.
    October 2, 2015 at 8:22 am (9 years ago)

    But what if I want to dress like a cross between Effie Trinket and Johanna Mason? *always the contrary one over here * <3

    • trashtastika
      April 25, 2016 at 6:35 pm (8 years ago)

      Haha, I like your style Leah!! 😉