A new beginning

I’ve decided to start a new blog, as my life is taking me in new directions. Not that I’ll ever stop travelling or being interested in fashion (as explored in The Fashionate Traveller), but for now, I’m exploring my creativity in other ways.

Having acted, sung & performed since my teens, I was last on stage back in the late 90’s. Well, I decided to change that! I have written a play or mini-musical for the Sydney Fringe Festival called In Between Days, and I’m also performing in it and producing it!! Yep, way to ¬†make myself uber-busy. My producing entity is, fittingly enough, Trashtastic Productions.

As I write we have 3 weeks to get it ready to go on – EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!! Rehearsals have begun, but we haven’t blocked any scenes, totally finished any songs, or even got key people like a director or a pianist.

But there’s something very exciting about getting back on the stage, being involved in the arts, and just generally exploring my creative side, that makes me feel alive – even as it’s giving me the heebies, nerves-wise!

If I have time, I’d like to post the progress of the show, as well as my own creative ruminations, thought processes, experiences and ideas. A creative journal, if you will.

Here’s to the future!!

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