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Hey there 🙂 Yes, I’ve been off updating my Trashtastika YouTube channel which had become a bit dusty…why is why the posts haven’t been as frequent here.

I’ve been doing a lot of internet shopping lately however, & I’ll soon be doing some style posts using the fab tops, dresses, jackets etc that I’ve taken possession of. It’s a bit like Christmas when your packages arrive, isn’t it? And I had FOUR this week!! Ooh, lala!

So, the store I want to mention today that I’ve just discovered, is Clover Canyon. I love a great print, and I just love neoprene, and this label combines both in admittedly a very Mary Katrantzou kinda way 🙂

Trashtastika Clover Canyon 3

I shopped the sale and decided upon the Rose Matador crop top, which I paired with a gothic lolita chain necklace with crosses (cannot remember the brand now..maybe Naoto/Black Peace Now?) I also wore a black skirt but it’s not seen here.

Clover Canyon on Trashtastika

So, as I said, I’m just getting back to posting weekly on YouTube, after several years’ absence; so if you wanna check out my old DIY’s, travel vids etc, or wanna see what I get up to now, check out Trashtastika on YouTube.

I just posted a vid introducing myself, for those who haven’t seen my other blog/s or know me by other social media. Here it is here:

I’ll be posting again soon with some more of my stunning haul…and especially a post on layering for the cooler season (which Sydney is just entering, and the northern hemisphere is still in).

Do you have a YouTube channel? Drop me a line below with where I can find you!

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